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Condominium Maintenance Services Ltd.

providing maintenance, repairs and renovations for Property Managers, Condominiums Corporations, and individual Owners

Condominium Maintenance Service Ltd. was created in response to an inquiry from a property manager who said the industry was missing a general contractor who was willing to do all things condominium: big and small, on time and at a fair price.

With over 20 years of experience in the building and renovation industry, we have a team that listens to your needs, works to find an affordable solution and gets the job done on time.


Erik Krigel      



CMS Logo1.jpg
From your shingles to your sump pump and everything in between
Our Services include, but are not limited to  
(because we are willing to tackle the almost impossible)
           - interior renovation                               - exterior renovation
           - deck repairs and replacement            - concrete and parging
           - painting                                                   - siding
           - drywall                                                     - flooring
           - roofing                                                     - vinyl decking